First of all HAPPY 4TH JULY to everyone who is celebrating!! Hope your all enjoying your long weekend and festive eats! 

I completely forgot about all these pictures from our BBQ the other week, the one with the grilled pizza. Looking through them makes me miss the boys! :( Come backkkkk you reprobates! :)

Lots of food pics…

Eat the meat… or don’t eat the meat… eat the meat… ???

I ate the meat…

All of it… mmhh i’m a bad pescetarian… back on the wagon now though and I feel so much better for it! Definitely have a few of the old cravings back though… bacon anyone?! mmmmmm… baconnnnn…

:( I wish I hated meat!

Ooh but the grilled pizza was vegetarian… wholewheat with a pesto and tomato base, mushrooms, spinach, mozzarella and basil topping. :)

An absolute nightmare trying to get it onto the grill… had to whack it in the oven for 5 mins first just to stop it from falling apart… any pizza grilling experts out there?? How on earth did you do it?! Help!?

This dog will sleep anywhere! And she loves cuddles… so cute!! :) And thats Meze now renamed Angelo (?!) in the background just behind me! Sniffing Betty’s bum probably, it’s his favourite pastime.

You can clearly see she’s bored to death of it! :)

Now please everyone focus on Craig in the background of this next pic…

Bahahahaa! Craigy your face is a picture!! Love it! :)

I think thats all I have from this day picture wise… after this we settled into some serious gin and tonic drinking! :)

I’m slowly going through the pictures from the past few weeks so more will appear as and when! In fact I still have loads more New York pictures that I will bore you with at some point! :)

I hope all of you in the USA are enjoying the rest of your long weeekend and everybody else I hope your monday hasn’t been too bad?!

If you have been stuck in the office all day do me a favour and when you get home,

get some of these

and a cup of tea on the go and your day will definitely get better! :)

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16 thoughts on “BBQ FUN!

    • Thanks Kate! It was good but like I said i’m not 100% sure it was worth the hassle… tastes just as good coming out of the oven! Maybe next time I will use one of those paddle thingy ma jiggys and try grilling it from scratch, see if it makes a difference!

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