Mama Pea’s Thai Fried Quinoa and ‘The 99 Hardcore Workout’

Well once again Mama Pea you have thoroughly pulled it outta the bag!

Your ‘Thai Fried Quinoa’ is amazing! And just like your ‘Peanut Mmmm Sauce’ I will probably eat this for the next 4 days in a row!

It’s that good.

Mama Pea’s Thai Fried Quinoa

Full recipe here

I made a couple of additions/changes.

  • I fried my spring onions in a tablespoon of coconut oil rather than olive oil.
  • I used chicken stock rather than vegetable just because it was all we had in.
  • I added some broccoli florets along with the pineapple and the peas.
  • And I added a teaspoon of green thai curry paste to the quinoa just before i mixed everything together.
  • Oh and I left out the tofu as i’m not a fan, but this dish is great on it’s own, without any addition. Although chicken would go nicely! :)

I made it for dinner last night and it was sooo good that I made it again today for lunch! :)

Also yesterday I finally tried Katy @ Fit in Heels ‘The 99 Hardcore Workout’

(If you haven’t already checked this girlies blog out, do so now! Well after you finish reading this post anyway!)

When I first saw the plan I thought I was hallucinating… 8 sets of torture?! 

  1. 99 Jumping Jacks 99 Crunches 99 Push Ups (Modified) 99 Second Plank 99 Squats
  2. 88 Jumping Jacks 88 Crunches 88 Push Ups (Modified) 88 Second Plank 88 Squats
  3. 77 Jumping Jacks 77 Crunches 77 Push Ups (Modified) 77 Second Plank 77 Squats
  4. 66 Jumping Jacks 66 Crunches 66 Push Ups (Modified) 66 Second Plank 66 Squats
  5. 55 Jumping Jacks 55 Crunches 55 Push Ups (Modified) 55 Second Plank 55 Squats
  6. 44 Jumping Jacks 44 Crunches 44 Push Ups (Modified) 44 Second Plank 44 Squats
  7. 33 Jumping Jacks 33 Crunches 33 Push Ups (Modified) 33 Second Plank 33 Squats
  8. 22 Jumping Jacks 22 Crunches 22 Push Ups (Modified) 22 Second Plank 22 Squats

Yep thats right, you read it correctly, thats 484 reps of each exercise… 484 pushups for crying out loud!!!

But this girl knows what she’s talking about, so I ignored the screaming voice inside my head saying noooooo don’t do it! It will be torture… and I gave it a whirl!

The plan calls for modified pushups so I took this as a definite on yer knees job! There was NO WAY I could have completed this doing normal pushups! I also had to stop a couple of times to stretch out my achey arms! I took no more than a couple of seconds though, I really wanted to push myself. I also only rested for a really short period of time in between each set, 30 seconds max.

Don’t let the high number put you off attempting this workout, it is doable and my arms and legs have a nice ache goin on today thats for sure! It makes you realise you can actually do a whole lot more per set that you originally would have thought!

Take the squats for example, In a normal ‘do it at home’ workout (not Muay Thai) I probably do 4 or 5 sets of 30 reps and I have normally had enough after that 30 are done, and especially after all of the sets are completed. I wouldn’t even think of adding another 364 reps! Yet after completing the 8 big sets in this workout, its clear to me that my mind sets the limitations and my body lives up to them, meaning I’m definitely not exercising up to my true potential because of it.

So, thanks Katy for this killer workout! :) Also thanks for this valuable little lesson about smashing through my imagined limitations! 

Anyhoo, enough of my rambling! :) I took the dogs out for a 35 minute jog before starting this workout but I think I would have rather done it afterwards, just to losen my muscles a little after all those squats.

Actually, sorry to skip from subject to subject but while I remember has anyone heard of the Insanity workouts?? I stumbled across their website a couple days ago via Dani @ Squirrel Snackin’ and they look great! hardcore but great! Only thing is you have to buy the full set of dvds rather than one at a time so before I spend my hard earned dollar euro I’m wondering has anyone tried these workouts? What results did you get from them?

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20 thoughts on “Mama Pea’s Thai Fried Quinoa and ‘The 99 Hardcore Workout’

  1. Those squats are no joke! I’m going to have to copy this down for use on my trip – the thought of not being able to do any weights for 2 weeks makes me sad.

    I’ve never tried Insanity but heard it’s intense. I love Beachbody’s P90X.

    • Exactly, it was the squats and the pushups that killed me, everything else was fine. In fact I really wish it had affected my stomach more but it’s alas just my thighs and upper arms/shoulders/chest that are (massively) achey! Still a great result! :) Love a bit of a workout change! And it’s def perfect for your trip! :)

    • It really is! I have never failed when following one of Mama Pea’s recipes! :) As for the workout, trust me I never imagined I could do that many press ups on my knees or otherwise (I hate press ups!) but if you take them back to the most easy form. Whatever that is for you, on your knees, feet resting lightly on the floor for stability, not going all the way down etc etc then you will definitely surprise yourself! ;)

  2. Hello there lovely lady! I’m so glad to have gotten caught up with your posts :D That recipe looks really delicious! I bet the green curry was awesome with that. I’ve been loving quinoa lately so I may have to try that recipe out.

    That workout sounds awesome! I took up kickboxing about.. 2 months ago, and I love the challenge! I’ve also been doing other things like cycling and such, and I tried hot yoga the other day. The workouts that really push my endurance, stamina, strength, and balance have been my favorite. Lol I’ve almost considered just training more and becoming a professional athlete :p


    p.s. I’m moving to New York City this week! If you have any recommendations or just any great stories to share that’d be awesome :)

    • So sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to this post, it slipped under my radar somehow?! :/ How are you finding kickboxing?! I love it, it’s how I started with Muay Thai really… it takes a while to pick things up (for me anyways) but the benefits of sticking with it are sooo worth it! As for hot yoga I used to do Bikram, is that the same thing?? It was great but I felt like I had to be feeling at my absolute best to go to a class, being even slightly dehydrated meant an hour of hell! I drank a lot more wine back then so it was kinda impossible! Ha! Oh and saving the best for last! Thats so cool your moving to New York! I am absolutely sick with jealousy!! In the nicest possible way of course! ;) I wrote a few posts on my recent trip to ny but if I think of anything I missed out I’ll be sure to drop you a line! I hope you have an absolute ball love! I’m sure you will! Can’t wait to read all about it! xx

  3. You are RIDIC! THANKS for the shout out- you rock my world. And I love that you call them press ups! I’ve never heard of this before! I’m so pumped that you gave it a try! Did you do the 11 minute run at the end? It kicked my ass seriously HARD. Craziness. Um.. I wish we lived closer. Then we could be workout buds 4 life.

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