Getting it done. Finally.

DreamsdontworkunlessyoudoSo, we just headed down to Finsbury Park track to complete an interval workout only to find the place CLOSED to the public! :( The lady in charge was lovely enough to let us use the loo but then we were booted out! All was not lost though as we just ended up completing the workout on the loop around the park. I wouldn’t call it hilly but it’s not pan flat and so keeping a 4:30m/km pace on the inclines was a little more work but still manageable! I focused on fast feet, smaller steps and increased cadence.

We did 5:00 minutes warmup at around 5:30m/km then;

  1. 1km at 4:30 ( + 2 mins recovery)
  2. 1km at 4:40 ( + 2 mins recovery)
  3. 1km at 4:31 ( + 2 mins recovery)
  4. 1km at 4:20 ( + 3 mins recovery)
  5. 1km at 4:22 ( + 3 mins recovery // cool down)

I had already programmed the workout into the garmin and stupidly missed the last 1km repeat, it was supposed to be 6 x 1km but we had already cooled down and were headed for the bus before we questioned why the workout was shorter than expected… duhh!  Felt pretty good though so definitely feel better knowing that I could have crushed the last 1km repeat! Nice to finish a workout in good shape for a change! Haha! (We also didn’t really need the extra minute recovery after the 3rd set but it was set up that way and so we took it, will alter for next time.)

This workout was actually one that I missed the first week (of this month) so it just kept getting rolled over, glad to have it done, finally! Feel like I have kind of skimped on the speed work / interval stuff so really need to work on getting it done, each week! It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, it’s just if I’m feeling tired or unmotivated I have a tendency to just head out and run, throwing a few changes of pace in rather than following the specific plan. Using a treadmill helps but I need to start making sure I get to the track for at least some of them.

Which part of your training plan do you struggle with, if any? 

Lots of love


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