Swim, Bike & Run… Oh my!

postrun(Post run)

Sorry for the radio silence peeps, this week has just ran away with me! I did attempt to blog yesterday but something was up with my laptop / the site, and it wouldn’t allow me to click on dashboard to open a new post (hrmphh!!)! Anyway, today is an awesome day, much better for blogging! ;)

This might sound bad but I have been dragging my feet with classes big time recently! So waking up on a non-uni day is bloody marvellous! I literally wake up with a smile on my face! So I am taking advantage of the free day and I’m getting my swim, bike, run on! Or, run, swim and finally bike, to be exact! I woke up at 8 (what bliss!!) and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then got ready for my first workout of the day, the run.

On the plan for today was a 60 minute run with 5 x 1km fast efforts (4:30m/km pace). After a brilliant, almost effortless run on Wednesday night I struggled a little today and my 5th 1km repeat I fudged entirely! I kept a 4:30 pace for 900m into a head wind and then died spectacularly on the last 100m… whats that about stamina?! *smacks forehead with palm of hand*

Anyway, in the end the run looked like this;

  1. 5:00 warm up – easy pace 5:30m/km
  2. 1km hard effort – 4:39m/km
  3. 2:00 mins recovery – I did 30 seconds walking / 1:30 easy pace run (5:30m/km ish).
  4. 1km hard effort – 4:32m/km
  5. 2:00 mins recovery – Same as above.
  6. 1km  hard effort – 4:33m/km
  7. 3:00 mins recovery – I did 1:30 walking then 1:30 easy pace run (5:30m/km ish).
  8. 1km hard effort – 5:02 <– This is the one where I kept a 4:30 pace for 900m and then slowed RIGHT down for the last bit… what an idiot!
  9. 3:00 mins recovery – Same as above.
  10. 1km hard effort – 4:30m/km 
  11. 10:00 mins recovery – easy pace, was closer to 6:00m/km here.

It fell a little short of my expectations ie what was on the plan but like I mentioned in a previous post, I have a tendency to slack on the faster efforts and either do them on the treadmill or just turn them into steady tempo runs, so I’m really glad I got this done! It has made me feel much more confident for the step up in training that will commence beginning of next week! (Eek!) Also my heart rate is definitely, definitely getting lower so I must be getting fitter, at last! Still lots and LOTS of room for improvement though!

Anyway, I came home and stretched a bit before inhaling some chocolate milk and making the perfect lunch;


Yes, that’s bacon in there… loads of the stuff! :)

I am now going to jump in an ice bath for a bit, my legs felt a bit tired and draggy today so I’m thinking they need a little extra tlc! Then I will be taking myself off to the pool to get in the session that I missed on Thursday morning and FINALLY I have a turbo session tonight consisting of hills, glorious hills! I will sleep like a baby tonight, that’s for sure!

Hope you all have a fabulous exciting weekend planned?! I hear we’re about to have a heatwave here in London and considering I felt MASSIVELY overdressed on my run just now, I’m daring to dream that they might actually be right, for a change! Definitely need some sun on my bones!

Lots of love,


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