WIAW – Week 2 of The ‘Veg Pledge Challenge’

It’s that time of the week again!! The time where we can all be inspired by peoples daily eats! Yep, it’s WIAW time!! :)

Thanks again, Jenn for hosting this party!

It’s week two of the ‘Veg Pledge Challenge’ How are you all squeezing your extra veggies in??

Breakfast was a massive fruit and veggie filled juice! I like to get my 5 (10) a day in bright and early! Sets me up right for the day ahead!

Lunch was this bowl of hot and spicy Chicken and Veggie soup. I have been aiming to eat 100% raw and plant based these next few weeks but my hangover won out and I needed something hot and preferably containing meat. Hey, it happens! At least the chick chick chicken was organic!

I was also chugging plenty of water as per usual!

Mid afternoon I snacked on a banana and a handful of nuts. Not pictured… sorry I’m a bad blogger. You all know what bananas and almonds look like anyway, right?! :)

For dinner I whipped up some hummus and carrots and cucumbers for dipping. Again no pictures, sorryyyy!

I’m a bit gutted actually as the batch of hummus I made broke my blender. It also short circuited the house, safe huh! So, no more hummus for me! :(

Anyhoo now you have seen / read about my eats why not head on over to Peas & Crayons to see what everyone else has been eating!


WIAW – Veg Pledge Challenge Edition!

I have missed the party these past couple of weeks but today I am back with a corker! A day jam packed with delicious, fresh and healthy eats!

Once again, thanks Jenn for hosting this little get together! :) April is all about those extra veggies so read on to see how I squeezed in a tonne of extra veg!

Breakfast was Rye Toast with Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs… one of my all time faves!

I didn’t feel hungry until nearly lunch time (I know right, where is the human dustbin and what have you done with her?!) so when Luke got back from training I made us a juice which shall be named ‘Everything but the Kitchen Sink Juice’ ;) I wasn’t expecting it to taste all that nice but it actually did!! Win!

Into the juicer went…

And out came…


A mid afternoon snack was half of a small, sweet and oh so juicy melon with some strawberries to top it off.

And my final meal for the day was a super tasty Spanish Omelette with a Side Salad of Mixed Greens, Cilantro, Cherry Tomatoes, Mixed Seeds and Feta Cheese.

Now head on over to Peas & Crayons and see what everybody else has been eating! :)



Wow this is my third WIAW! I’m definitely getting into the swing of it and have surprised myself by actually remembering to document my eats at least one day per week. It’s actually been a really handy exercise as it is showing me what I’m eating it, when I’m eating it etc. I mean not that this is news to me or anything but all my sweet cravings hit me in the evening. However I have figured out that if I work out fairly late and make sure I stick to my 5 meals a day plan I can neatly sidestep the inevitable 9pm cravings!! Winning!!

Once again thanks to the fabulous Jenn for hosting this weeks WIAW!! Head on over to Peas & Crayons and to a nosey at what everyone else has been eating!

This month is WIAW GOES GREEN!!

Breakfast at 8:30am – A FAGE yoghurt mess with 2 different types of cereal, a little agave and some fruit on the side.

Workout – Insanity Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Meal 2 around 11:30am – Two scrambled eggs in a wholewheat tortilla with some fresh strawbs on the side.

Meal 3 (my greenest meal by far!) around 2:30pm – Chicken with some steamed broccoli and green beans.

Meal 4 around 6:00pm – Turkey and a slice of edam light plus salad in a wholewheat pitta and some cherry tomatoes.

And thennn ice cream… oops! I was boycotting lent! One scoop pralines and cream and one scoop belgian chocolate.

One scoop is never really enough!

Am I right or am I right!? :)

See you next week for more WIAW action!! :)


WIAW – Love Your Veggies!

Although I’m supposed to be working right now and not writing posts, I figurethere is always time for a quick recap of what I inhale on a daily basis!

As always a massive thanks to the brains behind the operation Jenn the owner of the ever fabulous Peas & Crayons! :) This is the last Love Your Veggies Wiaw but a little birdie told me (I read it on her blog!) that the themed WIAW parties have only just begun!

I’ve actually been pretty good this week about capturing my eats so lets get to it!!

(What I Ate Yesterday)

Breakfast @ 8:30am was…

Oats with Soya Milk, Fresh Strawberries and a Teaspoon of Peanut Butter

Mid morning snack @11:30am was…

Protein Omelet – 1 Whole Egg, 2 Egg Whites, Turkey, Mushroom and Spring Onion on a slice of Toasted Rye Bread.Β 

With some lovely juicy Winter Melon on the side…

Around 2:00pm I got my Insanity on and completed the Pure Cardio Workout. I wasn’t very motivated at all yesterday but I’m so glad I stuck to the plan and got it done! I actually really enjoy that particular workout as it is fairly short but still leaves you a hot sweaty mess!

Lunch @ 3:00pm was…

Some Homemade Veggie, Chickpea and Lentil Soup. (Not pictured is the Cumin, Curry and Cayenne Chili Powder that I used to kick things up a notch!)

I was on some strange and rare organisational kick so I made enough for 6 Batches and froze 5…

Then whilst the sun was out and doing it’s thang I took the pooches for a nice long walk up the trail behind our house…

Mid afternoon Snack @ 5:00pm was…

Wholegrain Rice Cakes with Cottage Cheese mixed with a teeny bit of Peanut Butter, 1/2 a Banana and a dash of Cinnamon.

Surprisingly filling!

Late afternoon Snack / Meal @ 7:00pm was…

By the time it got to 7:00pm, the time I am supposed to have another meal, I wasn’t feeling too hungry so instead I made some Cauliflower Poppers. I pinned the recipe a while back despite the fact that I have NEVER liked cauliflower. I just know the magical effect that a little roasting can have on most, if not all veg so I figured it was worth a shot.


Roast them long enough to become a little crispy. I used waaaay less oil than the recipe called for and less salt and pepper too but they were still delicious and killed my craving for something salty with a little crunch.

Ooh and I almost forgot!! Later that evening I made a healthified mug cake topped with the remaining 1/2 a banana left over from my afternoon snack… By healthified I mean nowhere near as naughty as it should have been!

I still wouldn’t call them health food though! ;)

So thats me done for the day!!

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WIAW – My 1st Edition

Ok so for the very first time ever I am caving and joining the WIAW party! I have been contemplating joining the fun for some time now and reckon that seeing as I see so many WIAW posts each week it makes perfect sense to have one of my own!

The lovely Jenn over at WIAW HQ has made this month love your veggies month…Β 

Which is just another reason why she is definitely one of the cool kids! ;)

So here are my eats from Monday (the only full day I have documented)… They’re not particularly veggie-fied as I’m currently following the Insanity Nutrition plan. But rest assured veggies are my fave and I don’t actually know what I’d do if I had to live without Spinach or Sweet Potatoes… or Courgettes… or Sprouts… the list is endless!

So Breakfast was…

Toasted Rye Bread with Smoked Salmon, Philadelphia Light and Half a Grapefruit.

Then I completed Insanity’s Pylometric Cardio Circuit.

Early Lunch was…

A mahoosive plate of 4 Egg Whites with Skim Mozzarella, Cherry Tomatos and a Wholewheat Tortilla.

Late Lunch (Around 3:30) was…

Salmon with Steamed Green Beans, A Small Sweet Potato and Mixed Greens.

There was supposed to be two more meals but by this point I was stuffed so I had Meal 4 (Dinner) around 6:30pm and called it a day!

Dinner was…

4 Wholegrain Rice Cakes with Smoked Turkey and Edam Light plus a small bowl of Strawberries. Plus I had a little sweet tooth so I finished up with 2 Dates filled with Peanut Butter.

I spent the entire day fit to burst so I think I need to work on my portion sizes but I will continue on with this plan at least for the first month. I do know that the day after starting Insanity I woke up early, fresher than ever, full of energy and raring to go. Got to be a good sign, right?! :)

So there you have my first WIAW!!Β 

Thanks for hosting Jenn! :)